Chicle, Flexi, and Coca Cola, aka the 3 Amigos, is a ‘Triple Decker Chihuahua Package’ ready to charm the daylights out of you. The video you see, is of them being together for the first time since they were brought in. They literally couldn’t contain themselves and jumped with giddy happiness for the first 10 minutes of their reunion. You see, their owners are moving out of the country and sadly could not bring these little peanuts along. They are 4 yr old siblings who absolutely love each other and have NEVER been apart. For this reason, we feel strongly that they should be adopted out as a ‘package deal’. They are extremely bonded, loving, sweet, precious and silly, and will make the perfect pets for the right family. Chicle is the little tan boy and Coco Cola and Flexi are little girls. They all walk very nicely on their leash, they begin a bit on the nervous side, but warm up super fast to their humans. As you can imagine, they are all lap dogs and will be cuddling up to you in no time. We seriously want them to stay together so we have a special adoption of $150 for all 3.

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application or email Jen at with any questions.