Yoda is a handsome boy with piercing blue eyes and an adventurous spirit. Looking for the independent type? Yoda is your man.

At 3 years of age, he is low maintenance and will give you plenty of space. No need to feel guilty about leaving this 12 lb big boy alone – he’ll be happy to hang around the house without needing constant attention. He’s pretty good about seeking out the sunny spots and will enjoy dreaming the day away. Yoda will appreciate a good mix of toys – especially the kind that he can chase. You know the ones with wiggly, jiggly parts or feather wands? Yep. He’s totally a fan.

Yoda prefers affection on his own terms and will happily follow you around and rub on your legs to remind you that he’s your one and only. This spirited boy’s best fit will be with adults or families with older children.

Our shelter is currently closed for visitors so adoptions are being conducted by appointment. If you’re interested in adopting, contact RISPCA Cat Program Manager at cathy@rispca.com or 401.438.8150.

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