What do you think of when you hear the name, “Thor”? A long haired Viking god? An immovable hammer? Chris Hemsworth? Well scratch those ideas, because I am more like the Cowardly Lion than any other character. Being this nervous isn’t easy, so I need lots of love and reassurance to make me feel better. Hope you don’t need personal space, because I will absolutely try to bury myself underneath you the next time I hear thunder (which makes my name even more ironic!). Because of my anxiety, I do have a few key things I’m looking for in my next home. I have lived with other pets in the past, but not only did they cause me great stress, I even started swatting the other cat. While there is a chance that I would be okay with other pets eventually, I am really holding out hope to be the only pet in the house. I’m also looking for a patient family that understands that I will absolutely try to hide for a little while when I first get home, and that I need a nice, quiet household.