Let me introduce myself…my name is Tazi, and I came to the RISPCA in March.  I lived with my person for 5 years, but she was not well so she gave me to her mom.  Well, her mom didn’t really like me too much, so she brought me here.  That’s okay because I wasn’t really thrilled about her.  I miss my person because she could understand where I was coming from…we knew how to live together.

I have had several Meet & Greets here at the RISPCA, but none of them go well.  I always hear everyone talk about how cute I am, I’m so adorable, I look like an owl, etc, etc, etc.  So people fill out an application to meet me.

Cathy, the person that kind of handles things in the Cat Room, ALWAYS tells people that I would not be good in a home with other animals because I absolutely DESPISE other cats…they make me miserable! Also, no young kids for me…I can’t deal with little humans.  She also tells people that I DO NOT like being picked up, pet down my body, or even pet on my head for more than a few strokes before I will turn around and hiss and maybe take a swipe.  I know…I have a lot of rules, but hey, I’m a cat.

I am not sure why people insist on petting me so much on the Meet & Greet because I hear Cathy say “Please DON’T pet Tazi…just leave your hand there and let her come up and pet you.”  It has to be because I am so darn cute!  And maybe because I seem like I am enjoying it for a few seconds…but things change quickly!  EVERYTHING has to be on my terms.  I enjoy playing too.  I love catnip, and I playing with toy mice.  I think I may make a pretty good hunter if I do say so myself.

I wish people would understand that I would be a much different cat if I were out of this shelter and in a house.  My Meet & Greets are tough because I am in a room full of cats…which is hard for a cat that HATES cats!  I need a new person that is cat savvy…first-time cat owners need not apply.  I also don’t need somebody that has pets or young children…I’m looking for some peace and quiet.  If you are one of those “cat people” that I hear about and you are looking for a new diva cat, then I may be the cat you are looking for…who knows?


Any questions, you can ask Cathy at cathy@rispca.com