Oftentimes, we rescue cats from less than optimal circumstances. That includes hoarding cases, abandoned “neighborhood cats”, and other situations where these poor animals have never had the opportunity to flourish. Here at the RISPCA, we think that even the most under-socialized cats deserve a second chance. That’s why we began the “Take A Chance On Me” program. This program is for cats who are too sweet to join our “Working Cat” program, but require more knowledge, patience, and understanding than your average adoptable feline. All members of the program are up to date on their vaccinations and spayed or neutered. These feline friends will be adopted in pairs or to homes that already have another cat.

We currently have a group of cats and kittens in our Solarium that are part of this program. There are : Patsy, Vader, Lola, Ivan, and Gabrielle. All 5 of these cats would do best being adopted in pairs or into homes with other cats. See some pictures of them below!