This incredibly handsome package of floof is Stu. At 17 lbs and 8 yrs of age, he is a solid boy with an overabundance of personality plus. He is happy to greet everyone he meets with a drive-by swipe of the legs or a vocal string of meows that say, he is happy to meet you!

Stu currently resides in our Cynthia Clay Memorial Sun Room so he’d love a visit from you if you would like to meet. He’ll thrive in a home where he can be the only pet and can’t wait for your full attention! He’ll be a great only child and perfect loyal sidekick. Promise!

If you are interested in adopting Stu, visit us at 186 Amaral St., Riverside, RI to fill out an application (we do not have online applications for our cats) or email us at with any questions!