6 year old female

Traits: Shy, Lazy, Independent, Talkative

I got my name because I was born as a tiny little squirt, but now I have evolved into a full grown cat loaf. I’m a pretty laid back, low key, independent type of girl. I come off as really shy at first, but that’s because I’ve been through a lot lately, and I’m afraid of other cats. My human got very very sick, and was no longer able to care for me, so they made the tough decision to give me to people here who promised to love me until I could find my forever home. Once I get used to you I will never pass up the opportunity to snuggle, and I might even turn into a bit of a Velcro kitty. I’ve lived with children in the past, and as long as they don’t pull my tail we get along pretty well. I’ve never been around other animals before, and even being here I’m a little scared of other cats, but I’d be willing to give it a shot with the proper introduction. My ideal home would have moderate activity levels with a human family of all ages.

To apply to adopt Squirt, please submit an application in person at the RISPCA or email Cathy at Cathy@rispca.com