I’m a sophisticated woman who knows exactly what I want. Once I get to know you we can be thick as thieves, but I really need time to warm up to you. I prefer to spend my days watching birds and laying on the couch instead of romping around like a kitten. That doesn’t mean we can’t play together, I just prefer it to be on my terms. But hey, maybe if you offer me some tuna treats and catnip we can become friends a little faster… maybe.  I have been around kids of all ages, but too much noise and activity upsets me. I’d prefer my next to have a lower activity level, preferably no other pets, and understanding adults who will just let me be me.

If you are interested in meeting Paisley, please visit us at the Rhode Island SPCA to fill out an application, or if you have any questions, email Cathy, our Cat Program Manager at cathy@rispca.com.