9-year-old Male

Traits: Affectionate, Talkative, Lazy, Windowsill Kitty

Things have been really rough for me lately. I had a super happy life with a very loving human mom, and everything was wonderful. One day, she left and didn’t come home. Her human friends told me she had passed away unexpectedly, and because I’m not a huge fan of other cats, they couldn’t keep me, so I was brought here. I like the humans here just fine, they play with me and give me treats. I even like dogs, even though they annoy me. But there are so many other cats here that it makes me uneasy all the time, so I don’t look as nice as I actually am. I know I look like a tough guy because of my crunchy ears, but they have healed hematomas and my human mom took really good care of them. I’d do well in a home with no other cats and children older than 5.


For questions or to apply please contact Cathy at cathy@rispca.com