3 year old male

Traits: Energetic, Playful, Active, Talkative

I hope you have a lot of energy, because boy, I know I do! Every once in a while you can catch me sunbathing in a nice warm spot, but more often than not you will find me playing with hair ties, bottle caps, and whatever random thing I can find to kick around. Because I am so young and active, I’m looking for a nice family that can keep up with me and doesn’t mind that I might run victory laps around the house for no reason in particular. I know it seems like small children might be a good match for me, but I would much rather live with humans who can respect my space when I need it and not pull my tail. I would really prefer to be the only pet in a household with humans aged 10 and up.

To apply to adopt Mittens, please submit an application in person at the RISPCA or email Cathy at Cathy@rispca.com