From Jerry’s Foster Family:

“Jerry is a guy who has some special needs…he doesn’t always hit the litter box exactly right, he walks a little strangely and his eyes don’t seem to focus completely.  But in many ways he is like other cats.  He likes to play with toys especially interactively, likes to be brushed, likes to explore boxes, paper bags and other hiding places, and likes to follow around his person for no particular reason!He can’t jump high up like other cats but he loves to be on the sofa with his person where he can duck his head behind his person’s back and relax peacefully, and even spend a bit of time in your lap.  Once in a while he gives a love bite, and, while he likes being petted, because of his vision issues, it’s best to bring your hand around to his back rather than in front of his face!  He adapted within days to his foster home and foster parent and never really spent any time hiding.”

Since our shelter is currently closed to visitors, adoptions and meet & greets are being conducted by appointment only. If you are interested in adopting Jerry or would like to learn more about this special cat, contact Cathy, our Cat Program Manager at