We have all heard of “tortie-tude”, but I’d rather just say that I’m the strong, independent type. The Cat Lady Team here has done a good job of regulating my temperament while I’m here, but there’s just one thing holding me back… I don’t really care for other cats. There’s only so much of my true purr-sonality I can show when I have to share a room with so many other felines! I’m a sweet girl who you will see rubbing up against the bars of my cage, but I need to get to know you before I really become affectionate with nothing between us. In a home, I get along great with humans as long as they are respectful and I have a safe place to go when I don’t feel like being social. My ideal home would have a low activity level with adult servants… er, I mean humans.

If you are interested in meeting Jasmine, please visit us at the Rhode Island SPCA to fill out an application, or if you have any questions, email Cathy, our Cat Program Manager at cathy@rispca.com.