Meet Honey. If you’re a lover of tortie’s you must know that they are amazing and totally enjoy life on their own terms. They rule the roost and you take orders and Honey is no exception. At 11 years of age, she has the most lovely personality and will show it to you once she spends a bit of time with you.

She is currently in foster care and her foster mom shares the following, “Initially Honey mostly stayed under the bed, but that only lasted day or two. Now she is comfortable anywhere in house, loves lying in front of sliding doors, or finds sunny spot in living room. Despite her apparent pain (Note: she most likely had a break that was never treated so she’s experiencing arthritis and is on pain management medication) and weight she has no difficulty jumping up to bed , chairs , couch. Honey sleeps at my side at night and she loves to play with toys prefers ones with ribbon on end, she rolls over side to side trying to get ribbon , also runs in big circle around house following me with toy. Honeys favorite things are eating, playing, scratch face & neck,  lying in soft blanket, & sunshine.

Honey is hoping she can find someone who will love her exactly the way she is (which is perfect btw). Her best fit will be with adults where she can be the only pet.

Honey is a Marvin’s Friend so her adoption fee will be waived.

If you are interested in adopting Honey, please contact Cathy at