3 Year Old Female

Traits: Playful, Independent, Talkative, Windowsill Kitty

I think this picture shows my personality very well! I’m a silly little princess that does what she wants, when she wants, and enjoys the finer things in life. You know, things like tuna treats, mouse toys, and a loving family all to myself. I know I prance around like I own the place, but I’m actually afraid of other animals! I was even really shy when I got here, but the humans have been very nice to me and it was a huge confidence boost. I’ve been bounced around a lot lately, so I’ve gotten used to being left alone and doing whatever I please, so I’m going to need a patient human who will work with me until I’m completely comfortable. I’d prefer a quieter household with no other pets, and because I’m very nervous of new things and sounds, I’d prefer to live with children older than 10.