10-year-old female

Traits: Playful, Independent, Windowsill Kitty

I am a girl who knows exactly what I want, and what I want is to do what I want when I want! Once I’ve had enough attention, I just need a minute or two to calm down and recompose myself like a lady. I know I want a home with someone who has cat experience, preferably experience with female prima donnas. I know I’d love a human who knows how to read cat body language. You know, someone who isn’t expecting me to act like a kitten 100% of the time and who is willing to give me a little space when I need it. I know I’d prefer to be the only pet in the home, though I have lived with a cat before. I know I’d like lots of crinkly toys and a nice big window to be part of the deal too, bonus points if you put up a birdfeeder as well. I’m actually pretty playful and affectionate for my age, but I know I need someone who can let me nap on their lap when I’ve had enough activity. I’d do well in a house with no children