Male – 2 Years Old

Traits: Very Active, Playful, Energetic, Friendly

I’m a lot of cat, and I don’t just mean my size! The humans here all ask me if I know I’m a cat because I act so much like a dog. I love my toys, especially wand toys! I will chase them all day long like a good boy playing fetch. I also think I am very helpful, so if you’re on the computer or reading a book, I will try to help you. By laying on it. I mean, hey, at least I’m trying. I am a teenage boy, so like an average kid I get into everything and I don’t like my boundaries pushed. Because of that, I would do better in a home with kids aged 10 and up. Also, I am declawed, and like most declawed cats I don’t give warnings by swatting when I’m upset, I get nippy instead, just like a puppy. Looking for a partner in crime but can’t have a dog in your place? Then come to see me today in the Cat Solarium!