12 year old female

Traits: Friendly, Talkative, Affectionate, Lazy

I’m just a sweet older lady looking for a loving home to live out my golden years. I’m a simple girl with simple tastes. I would love to go home with humans who love kisses, cuddles, and scratching my chin. I’m a little too old to be playful all the time, but I do occasionally behave like a kitten. More often than not, You’ll find me sleeping on the windowsill watching birds sing and leaves fall. I have lived with cats in the past and gotten along with them just fine as long as they gave me my space. I’ve never lived with children or dogs before, but I’m very easy going, so I wouldn’t be opposed to giving it a shot, as long as we had the proper introduction and no one pulled my tail!

To apply to adopt Betsy, please submit an application in person at the RISPCA or email Cathy at Cathy@rispca.com