Beauty is in the prime of his life at an experience nine years of age. This dapper gentleman just has a way about him that draws you in. Maybe it’s because of his very unique appearance. We LOVE him just the way he is with his long lanky legs, and his tiny little pin head…he is just so endearing! There may be just a bit tooo much of him at the moment and will probably be a bit more comfortable shedding a few pounds.

Beauty can be a little shy upon first glance, but spend some time with this boy and his personality will sparkle through. His best fit will be in a quiet, low stress home where he could mingle with adults or families with kids (8+-ish).

Like to learn more? You are welcome to visit her at the shelter 7 days a week or contact our Cat Program Manager, Cathy at Adoptions and meet & greets are being conducted by appointment at this time.