Executive Director – Pets in need Clinic

Position Description


Pets In Need (PIN), located in East Providence, Rhode Island is a small animal veterinary clinic established to provide affordable clinical services for the pets of low-income Rhode Islanders. PIN requires individuals to provide proof of participation in a Rhode Island or Federal assistance program and expects that the pet’s family will pay for services at a greatly reduced rate.

PIN opened in June of 2016 and as of June 2018 has seen close to 6000 pets.  PIN’s founding members are the Companion Animal Foundation (CAF), the philanthropic arm of the Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association (RIVMA) and the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA).

PIN is structured as a 501(c)3 and has in place governance and operating structures. The clinic is dependent on patient fees, philanthropy and grants to cover operating costs. Currently, PIN is open four days a week, employs a full-time veterinarian as Clinical Director, three veterinary technologists and administrative staff.

In addition to clinical care, PIN provides academic experiences for individuals interested in veterinary medicine. To this end, PIN collaborates with New England Tech’s School of Veterinary Technology, Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and Ocean State Veterinary Specialists.



  • Develop a multi-year philanthropy plan for the PIN Board’s approval and be responsible for its subsequent implementation. This plan will encompass strategies to attract major donors, expand PINs position in social media to encourage continuous small gifts, the creation of an annual event.
  • Identification of grant opportunities and corresponding preparation of all grant applications
  • Develop a donor database and methods to stay in front of those individuals on a regular basis.


  • PIN utilizes an automated veterinary practice management system known as VIA. The ED will be responsible for ensuring that the full potential of this system is realized in:
    • Client management including scheduling, follow-up and real-time information on patients being seen.
    • Developing a common clinical and patient service database.
    • The ED and staff will be provided training on VIA.
  • From an HR perspective the ED will oversee all employees and be responsible for:
    • Development of employee job descriptions and HR policies.
    • Establishing an employee performance evaluation and incentive system
    • Evaluation of all staff with Clinical Director (CD).
    • Overseeing front desk operations, including filling in as needed.
    • All recruitment and termination of employees in conjunction with the CD
    • Facility and equipment maintenance in conjunction with RISPCA
  • Developing and maintaining academic partnerships will be the responsibility of the ED in conjunction with the CD and the PIN Board. Responsibilities include:
    • Working with academic partners and others to schedule rotations.
    • Collaborating with CD to assess the value of each relationship and providing feedback to partners.
    • Develop future opportunities that benefit both parties and can be managed within PIN’s other responsibilities.


  • The ED’s financial responsibilities include:
    • Developing a system to track, in real time, financial performance and provide required information to support philanthropy, budgeting and outside demands for such information (audits, IRS, grantees).
    • Creation of annual capital and operating budgets and monthly reports on financial performance against budget.
    • Payment of invoices, daily tracking, and deposit of collected fees and the ordering of supplies.
    • Inventory control and management.

The Executive Director (ED) is a position new to PIN. The ED will report directly to the PIN Board. The position will be full time and include base compensation, incentives and will be offered with health and dental benefits.

Recognizing this is a new position and that most of what is expected of the ED is not yet in place the Board understands that time will be needed to fully realize the expectations of the job. The Board will work with the ED to set annual priorities along with mutually agreed upon goals.


  • Candidates for this position must have a minimum of four years experience in philanthropy with a strong record of success in awarded grants, major gifts and the development of programs to attract smaller gifts on a continuous basis through social media.
  • Experience in planning and executing an annual major fundraising event
  • Three years experience at a mid or senior level management level in a non-profit.
  • Full comprehension of social media and capacity to work with electronic operating systems.
  • Prior experience in animal welfare and/or a veterinary practice highly preferred but not required.

Please email resume and cover letter to: PINNFP@gmail.com