“To prevent cruelty to all animals throughout the state of Rhode Island; to advocate to strengthen and enforce the animal cruelty laws of the state of Rhode Island; to shelter and care for unwanted animals while working diligently to find them new homes; and to promote humane treatment and appreciation of all animals through education and community outreach.”


  • We are the oldest animal welfare organization/animal shelter in the state of Rhode Island.

Founded in 1870, we are not only the oldest in the state of Rhode Island but the third oldest in the United States.  In 2020 we will  be celebrating our 150th anniversary and our track record of leading the charge for animal welfare in the region.

  • We are not just an animal shelter. 

We are the only non-profit animal rescue organization in the state of Rhode Island that is legally able to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty cases. We work tirelessly with state and local agencies to stop animal cruelty in all its forms. This includes animal cruelty investigations and aiding the state of Rhode Island in the writing of legislation to protect “those who cannot speak for themselves”.

  • The RISPCA is charged with the sole purpose of protecting animal life in all situations that might endanger them.

We believe in providing resources to help Rhode Island’s pet owners. This can mean many different things. We work to educate young people, provide resources for pet loss support, provide scholarships to students, as well as low-cost rabies clinics to ensure the health and safety of all animals.

  • We offer medical attention for the pets of many impoverished, disabled and elderly individuals who otherwise could not afford to care for them.

Through the creation of The Marvin Fund, a trust that enables the RISPCA to help provide veterinary care for the pets of low-income pet owners and waived adoption fees for animals in need. The Marvin Miracles Fund, RIVMA Companion Animal Foundation, and the creation of the Pets in Need Veterinary Clinic has enabled animals in need to be there for those who love them.

  • We have highly experienced and reliable animal caregivers and training staff.

Although we have a large number of volunteers, we rely on experienced veterinary staff, experienced accredited animal trainers, and qualified support staff. We use that experience to find not only the best person for the animal in need but the best family situation for the animal when being adopted.

“We Speak For Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves”

As a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that receives no local, state or federal funding, and is not affiliated with the ASPCA or its donations, the RISPCA relies solely on community support from friends and businesses.