During a cruelty investigation in April, the Rhode Island SPCA seized a miniature stallion named Toy. Toy has a very sweet disposition, but is unfortunately suffering from laminitis, which is a condition related to the inflammation of the sensitive tissues inside the hoof. This condition is very painful and does cause some temporary lameness.

When the story of Toy and his need for a new home was first published, we received well over fifty interested adopters and it was very difficult for us to make a decision.

Thanks to people like you, we received an overwhelming number of people offering a permanent home for Toy and on Saturday, April 27th, he headed to his forever home! 

During his time being cared for by the RISPCA, Toy accrued over $2,000.00 in medical costs. With his condition, we have committed to supporting his new adopters and therefor expect his cost of care to continue to rise. 

If you are interested in helping to cover Toy’s medical bills, and helping us to care for other animals involved in cruelty cases, please donate HERE.