First and foremost, we’d like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support for the dogs involved in the Smithfield animal cruelty case on Tuesday, March 20th.

As of now, the remaining dogs are still the property of the defendant until the court sees otherwise. The RISPCA is now responsible for their care until further notice from the court or if the owner relinquishes them to us.

Please keep watch here at where we will provide you with weekly updates on how these dogs are doing and what their status is.


Update 4/20/18:

We are very happy to say that both of our adoptable bulldogs, Maggie and Mermaid, are in wonderful and loving homes. We will continue to keep you updated on any further developments.


Update 4/12/18:

Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to adopt Mermaid and Maggie. We had an overwhelming amount of applications and are going through all of the applications we received to find the “best fit” for each of them. As of now, due to the number of applications received, we are no longer taking applications for them. Everyone who applied will be considered and we will contact those we believe are the best for each of them.


Update 4/9/18:

The RISPCA is very happy to announce that two more Bulldogs from the Smithfield Animal Cruelty case are now ready to be adopted! Maggie and Mermaid are ready to go to their forever homes! Please check out their profiles by clicking their names above and feel free to fill out an application for either of them HERE.


Update 4/3/18:

Defendant Michael Williams was sentenced today to four months in the A.C.I. for a probation violation relating to his previous animal cruelty related arrest in 2017. This is separate entirely from the case in Smithfield in March. As part of the agreement, Williams has relinquished all of the dogs that belonged to him. The second defendant has yet to relinquish the dogs belonging to him and those dogs will become available if he or the court relinquishes them to the RISPCA.

The Rhode Island SPCA does not currently have any of the adoptable dogs at our location. The assisting agencies have been taking applications throughout the process on the dogs they have been housing. Each of these dogs has an extensive waiting list and they will not be taking additional applications.

We thank everyone for their interest, help, and well wishes for the welfare of this dogs. We are very happy to say that they will all be placed in happy and healthy homes.


Update 3/30/18:

All of our bulldog friends are doing well. Some needed some additional medical care which has been provided by the RISPCA. All of the dogs that can be are safe in foster homes as we speak. None of the dogs are currently available for public adoption due to the ongoing investigation but we hope that changes soon. For those asking how they can help, the RISPCA is paying for all medical treatments and housing at the current time. Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated and can be made here. We are also looking for foster families that are interested in fostering other dogs that may be in need. Finding temporary homes for these dogs has depleted our supply of available foster homes. You can sign up to become a RISPCA foster family here.


Update 3/23/18:

At the present time, these dogs are good hands and are not available for foster care. However, they may be in the future. Keep watching for more updates…



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