Rhode Island SPCA joins with Humane Society International to save South Korean “Meat Dogs”

Riverside, RI, March 14, 2018– The RISPCA is very happy to announce that on Thursday, March 29th, it will be receiving rescued dogs from Korea, that would otherwise be sold in the Korean dog meat trade.

“As part of our partnership with the Humane Society of the United States, we are emergency rescue partners. That means in times of need, we have agreed to receive animals displaced due to disaster or animal cruelty investigations. This would often mean animals in the United States but in this particular case, H.S.U.S. and Humane Society International has asked us to help on an international level.” said Eric St. Peter, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the RISPCA “Unfortunately, the consumption of dogs is still prevalent in some Asian countries like Korea and China. Not only are the dogs killed for human consumption in “dog meat festivals” but the dogs have a miserable life, followed by a terrible, sometimes prolonged death. Electrocution is the most common method of killing.”

(Photos courtesy of Humane Society International)

“Our first priority is always Rhode Island and making sure our local shelters are taken care of. The shelters of the state, along with our own, luckily have numbers that are down. The fact we are able to help out on an international level and bring awareness to this issue is great.”

The dogs will be arriving on Thursday, March 29th and will be available for adoption through the RISPCA shortly after.

For more information on Humane Society International’s efforts to close down South Korean dog meat farms go to their website at http://www.hsi.org/

For media inquiries please contact Eric St. Peter at eric@rispca.com or 401-438-8150 ext8


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