On 4/17 the RISPCA was requested to assist the Pawtucket Police Department and Animal Control at 102 Oakland Avenue with an animal hoarding investigation.

Upon arrival, it was learned that two elderly occupants of the home were in possession of a large number of animals that appeared to be improperly cared for. It was later learned that the residents had close to 90 animals in
total. Among these animals were six dogs, an undetermined number of cats, 15 ferrets, 20 birds, 4 hamsters and approximately 30-40 mice.

The RISPCA requested assistance with removing the animals from the home from surrounding animal control agencies. Assistance was provided by North Providence, East Providence, Warwick and Hopkinton Animal Control.

All of the animals, except for the cats, were removed from the home and to local animal shelters. Live animal traps were set for the cats and Pawtucket Animal Control will return in the morning to remove them to their shelter.

After removal of the animals from the residence, the home was determined to be uninhabitable by the city building official. Pawtucket Senior Services and the Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs are working with the
residents to provide temporary housing.

The two residents relinquished ownership of the majority of the animals in order to allow for adoption and placement in new homes. Anyone interested is urged to contact the listed agencies for more information.

The RISPCA thanks all of the agencies that responded to assist with the removal of the animals from this unsafe and unhealthy environment.