On 03/12/19, Daniel MacKenzie, of Glocester, RI, was arrested and taken into custody for 4 counts of animal cruelty.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the FORMER owner of Bonniedale Farm and current owner of “Bonniedale Farm Rescue”, not the current owner of Bonniedale Farms.

On 03/04/19, the RISPCA received a complaint regarding two domestic pigs that were owned by Mackenzie and being housed on a property in Scituate, RI. The complaint alleged that MacKenzie had failed to provide the animals with adequate food, water and shelter. After a three-day investigation by the RISPCA, evidence revealed that the two pigs were without adequate shelter in temperatures averaging below 20 degrees and were without food and water for a period well in excess of 24 hours.

RIGL 4-1-2, requires the provisions of adequate food and water, not to exceed a period of 24 hours and further states that the feed must be sufficient to maintain a reasonable level of nutrition and the water must be potable. The investigation revealed there to be no provisions of feed and the water source to be frozen due to the frigid temperatures.

Under RIGL 4-1-3, and owner must provide “adequate living conditions”, which for swine/pigs, is particularly defined under the Rhode Island Livestock Regulations. It states there must be a provision of adequate bedding in cold weather and that the shelter must be suitable to protect from adverse weather conditions as well as from predators. These conditions were found to be lacking.

The RISPCA seized the two pigs and they were subsequently examined by a veterinarian and found to have a number of medical issues, including suffering from hypothermia, and both skin and eye infections.

Thanks to the assistance of the Scituate Police Department, an arrest warrant was secured and Mackenzie was charged with two counts of RIGL 4-1-2 and two counts of RIGL 4-1-3. Each count carries a maximum of a $500 fine and 11 months in prison.