This is the story of Jersey. We wanted to share Jersey’s story with you because we are sure you will all agree that every animal, no matter how long you know them, deserves love and kindness. It’s because of friends like you who provide the support and compassion to the RISPCA that allows us to continue to do right by the animals we come across.

Jersey came to us under a very sad circumstance, originally we thought Jersey was a neglect case but as it turned out she was a very sick dog. Jersey’s owner did not know what to do and did not have the resources to take care of her. As you can see, Jersey is extremely skinny, Jersey has kidney failure. We all knew that her time was limited. We wanted to do something special for this sweet, happy girl so we created, “Jersey’s Bucket List”. We sent an email around the office asking what would you want to do if you were a dog and weren’t going to be here long.

We knew she’d want to spend her final days in a warm and loving home so one of our staff members Lisa took Jersey home.

We thought she’d want to look beautiful so we took her to Woof Woof Boutique and they gave her the prettiest sweater we could find to keep her warm. Thank you for doing that Woof Woof.

She went to the beach on a chilly winter morning

On Christmas Eve we saw just how much weight she had been losing despite all the food she had been given and we realized that we weren’t going to be able to finish all the things on Jersey’s bucket list… There was only time for a few more things.

So she went to Wendy’s for a burger and chicken nuggets…

She even got some chocolate munchkins because dogs NEVER get to have chocolate…

And most importantly, she was surrounded by our staff telling her how much of a good dog she was and how much we loved her as we helped her cross the rainbow bridge.

She, along with all the animals that can’t be with us here anymore, will live forever in our hearts and we will, with your help, NEVER stop fighting. Thank you for your support.