Update on Misty! 6/26/19

Thanks to YOU Misty’s veterinary care is covered! Thank you so much to all who donated!

Misty has been released from the hospital and is back with her foster family resting! Although, she has been released, Misty is not out of the woods yet. She has much recuperating to do, and will have many follow up visits to ensure she is on the road to a full recovery! Stay tuned for some updated photos of Misty from her foster family!

Misty is a part of an active cruelty case that our law enforcement officers are working to bring to justice. Take a moment to read the press release distributed to learn more about her case. We will continue to post as many updates as we can!

Misty is just one of the victims of animal cruelty the Rhode Island SPCA
is currently fighting for!
You can still help others like Jack & Diane, two pot bellied pigs from a case that is several months old; or Crystal, a pup who was seen in a social media video being physically abused by her owner.

These are just a few of the most recent victims of animal cruelty, and they are being cared for by the staff of the Rhode Island SPCA today. We are also caring for Hope, who was found wandering the streets of Woonsocket emaciated.
YOU can “speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!”

Make a donation today to help animals like Misty!
Help speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!”

Misty’s Story…

In February the Rhode Island SPCA responded to a complaint of a sexually abused dog in Lincoln, RI. Upon arrival, disturbing observations were made by the investigators. The female Weimaraner dog, Misty, was immediately removed from the home by the Rhode Island SPCA and transported to a veterinarian for evaluation. At that time, Misty was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI) and put on medication.

Misty was placed in a loving foster home to mentally and physically recuperate, and her infection seemed to be slowly improving while she settled into her foster home with new foster brothers and sisters.

Misty’s health very abruptly declined, she began to leak urine and was suddenly unable to walk. Her foster mom rushed her Ocean State Veterinary Services, where they found she needed emergency surgery for pyometra. Pyometra is defined as an infection in the uterus, it is a serious and life-threatening condition that must be treated promptly and aggressively. During surgery they found that Misty’s uterus had already ruptured and infection had spread throughout her body, sepsis had already set in.
Misty was in critical condition and in the ICU up until yesterday, when we finally received the news that we all wanted to hear…Misty is in stable condition!

What has happened to Misty is disturbing and heartbreaking and we are dedicated to fighting for Misty and animals like her, but we cannot do it without your help!