September… Happy Healthy Cat Month!

Every September, we celebrate our feline friends with an entire month dedicated to their health and well-being. A healthy cat is a happy cat! Here are the top ten ways that you can keep your cats both happy and healthy:

  1. Toys: One of the easiest ways you can keep your cat happy and active is to provide them with toys. Toys can be either store bought or hand made. Cats will entertain themselves with any type of toy or object in the house however, they do love it when their humans play along with them. We recommend that you play with your cat at least 30 minutes a day!
  2. Make your cat work for their food: Feline obesity is a huge problem in this country and one way to help overcome this is to make them work for their food. Food toys are available in pet stores or you could simply hide their food/snacks to make them find it. Cats have a natural instinct to hunt and will love this game.
  3. Train your cat: Cats are very intelligent as well as food driven. They can be trained to do fun tricks that will help stimulate their mental and physical well-being. Spending time with your cat will help create and strengthen your bond with them.
  4. Visit your veterinarian: Regularly scheduled or medically needed visits with your local veterinarian are very important in keeping your cat healthy. Many veterinary practices are cat-friendly or have doctors who specialize in cats. Scheduling wellness visits can help catch any medical problems early.
  • Cat Carriers and transportation: Many cat owners will agree that transporting their cat in a cat carrier is the worst part about taking them anywhere. It can be stressful for the cat especially if the carrier is new to them or is not large enough for them. Take the time to work with your cat to make sure they feel safe, secure and comfortable in their carrier – not when you are ready to get into the car.
  • Microchip your cat: In addition to a collar and identification tag, microchipping your pet cat will provide immediate identification in case your cat becomes lost. Whether your cat lives indoors or outdoors, microchipping them will ensure their safe return. Please make sure your chip is up to date with your current information.
  • Provide preventive medications: Cats can be prone to fleas, ticks, mites or heartworms. Even if your cat is strictly indoors, they can still be bitten by these parasites. Preventative care will keep your cat and family free of these pesky creatures as well as healthy.
  • Provide a scratching post: Scratching is an important aspect of feline behavior. It is an instinctive behavior and they should be allowed to scratch and care for their claws. To ensure that they do not claw your furniture or any other item in the house, provide them with a scratching post.
  • Keep your cat indoors: There are owners who feel that it is ok to allow their cat to go outdoors to explore their surroundings. However, keeping your cat inside ensures their safety, proper health and limits their exposure to parasites.
  • Think about getting your cat a companion/friend: Cats are very social animals who crave attention and affection. If you wish to get your cat a buddy to play with, please consider visiting your nearby shelter to adopt a best buddy for your cat. You would want to make sure that they are properly introduced and compatible. If you do adopt another cat, remember that they both still need your time, attention and affection. Getting another cat means double the hugs and kisses.

Final Note…

Please be a responsible pet owner by having your pet cat or cats spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering your pet decreases medical problems, unwanted litters, betters their temperament as well as overpopulation.