Can You Help?

This is Tim. Tim is an 8 month old Rottweiler that has a bit of a sad story and we are asking for some help.

Tim’s family was forced to leave their home because of a house fire. After a few weeks they decided it was in Tim’s best interest to surrender him to the RISPCA in hopes of finding a home that could give him the stability and medical care he needs.

You see, when Tim first came to us he was unable to walk. He could barely move; It seemed as though his back legs weren’t working the way they should. So to the vet we went! After testing and trying some medications, we saw a little improvement! Tim was able to pull himself a short distance across the grass. Unfortunately, that’s where the progress stopped.

Today, Almost Home Rescue picked up our boy Tim. They have committed to giving Tim the best chance possible at a great life.

The first step to achieving that is more medical testing, specifically an MRI to explore possible neurological causes of his conditions. These medical tests, as well as any other rehab Tim will need to help rebuild his atrophied muscles, are going to be costly.

If you would like to help us and Almost Home Rescue fund our Tiny Tim’s medical costs, please donate below and/or share his story.