On Wednesday, May 22, The Rhode Island SPCA removed 50 cats and kittens from a residence in Woonsocket. The owner of the cats reached out to the Rhode Island SPCA with a plea for help. The situation had clearly gone beyond their control and the Rhode Island SPCA answered their call for help.

All of the cats were taken from the residence and brought to the Rhode Island SPCA. They were given a basic wellness exam and their necessary vaccinations. Thanks to the assistance of Cranston Animal Control, Providence Animal Rescue League, East Providence Animal Control and North Kingstown Animal Control, we were able to transfer a number of these cats, making the situation more manageable. Of the 50 cats, 22 were kittens who were quickly moved to foster homes for care and socialization.

Situations like these occur far too often and highlight the importance and legal requirement for spaying and neutering cats. Just a week earlier, the Rhode Island SPCA removed 17 cats from a residence in Johnston. Large numbers of animals like these two incidents puts a strain on our resources and are often unmanageable for our agency alone.

The Rhode Island SPCA is committed to our community, human and animal, and will always respond to requests for assistance like these.

Stay tuned, all of these cats and kittens will be available for adoption soon! We encourage you to consider adopting one of these lovable cats!

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